About Us

The Winnetka Interfaith Council, with its broad range of religious backgrounds, strives to serve by offering programs that address the interests and concerns of the suburban communities of Chicago’s North Shore.

Presently the Council is comprised of twelve member faith-based communities, as well as the Samaritan Counseling Center, and meets five times throughout the year to explore ways to benefit our area spiritually and morally through programs and dialogue. The Council welcomes other faith-based organizations to join us.

How Can You Participate

Each member faith-based community appoints up to five representatives to the Council. Contact your clergy/leadership or representative if you wish to serve on the Winnetka Interfaith Council. You will appreciate the lively exchange of ideas.

The Winnetka Interfaith Council currently functions through the activities of three committees:

Thanksgiving Service Committee

  • The service is an interfaith gathering of the community held on the Tuesday evening preceding Thanksgiving day.
  • Past speakers include: Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Rabbi Herbert Bronstein, Francis Cardinal George, Dr. Robert Henderson, Dr. Ron Miller, Harry Porterfield, Father John Smyth, Rev. Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite and Dr. Howard Sulkin.

Human Needs Committee

  • Through the years, this committee has organized programs on: Aids, Grief and Bereavement, and youth issues such as Bullying and Depression.

Interfaith Understanding Committee

  • The purpose of this committee is to provide a means to understand the key principles and teachings of the member faith-based communities of the Winnetka Interfaith Council.